Lore Method

Lore Method

While working on client projects for UI / UX in video games, over the last six months I have been building a parallel business to finally publish my fiction writing and demonstrate these skills as portfolio pieces for narrative design work in the film and games industries. It’s called Lore Method LLC at www.loremethod.com

Signing the Founding Papers

Signing the founding paperwork, which became official January 1, 2017

I have professionally written intellectual property master documents, game design documents, story, and cinematics and in-game screenplays for triple-A game studios. I’ve also written and produced audioplays, a few novel manuscripts, adapted one of them which became a Quarter Finalist in the 2010 BlueCat Screenplay Competition and now a 5-star screenplay at Amazon Studios, and more various writing projects.

But it’s not just limited to writing…!

My Lore Method model allows me to publish this in an online user interface I custom-designed for an e-Book age. It’s built around the concept of ‘episodic visualized fiction’, wherein I release each chapter as an ‘Episode’ accompanied by fully rendered cinematics visuals and even an embedded curated reading soundtrack. Each episode is sold individually for a low price, like $1.99, or you can buy a complete Season Pass for a novel’s worth of content in one purchase.

I think of Lore Method as an intersection of fiction, comics, and filmmaking.

There is also a Codex on the site that is like a custom Wikipedia for the lore of the fiction featured. So I’m also integrating tabletop roleplaying games (tRPGs) into the mix, by adding a proprietary Lore Method tRPG system and including stats on all relevant objects featured in the Codex. So you can actually play the fiction I’m writing and the worlds I’m building!

Lore Method Debut Series - NEON ECLIPSE

Lore Method’s first title series, NEON ECLIPSE, has debuted on the site with Season 1 – Episode 1 available to read for free right now! It is a ‘tech noir espionage thriller’ starring Crane 5-53, a biodrone android super-spy navigating a post-World War era 2044.

NEON ECLIPSE - Episode 1

NEON ECLIPSE - Episode 1

NEON ECLIPSE - Episode 1

NEON ECLIPSE - Episode 1

Work on an unannounced Second Series is also underway as well.

This is of course coming off of my previous virtual filmmaking experiments that have been chronicles earlier over the years on this very blog!

So head over to LoreMethod.com and check out all that I have going on there. I’m producing all of the art, learning more and more about modeling and using Modo.

In addition to UI and design services, if you ever need world-building, intellectual property development, story, screenwriting, creative direction, etc… for your project, feel free to contact me at hello@xanderdavis.com — I’m always happy to explore possibilities with new clients!


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