Status: Yep, Still Massively Busy with Clients

Quick update: Still busy with clients, and it’s great! 2015 has proven to be the best year of my career by a huge magnitude through my global freelancing business XD&A, with no signs of slowing down! If things keep up like this I should definitely top it once again in 2016.

I’m also working on training myself up on more skills, particularly 3D CG, and new software like Modo and Mari, doing fake UI for film with Cinema 4D, new techniques for realizing and viably expressing cinematic storytelling on an indie scale. Working and leveling up, non stop.

I wish I could talk about the stuff I’m working on, but alas, various NDAs. This is basically why I was radio silent here for almost all of 2015 after posting daily updates at the beginning. Just know some really awesome stuff will be unveiled in 2016!

Since mums the word on most of it right now, I’ll switch gears on this blog to post generalized stuff I’m learning about, interested in, and focusing on a lot now, such as game and film UI / UX, tutorials, filmmaking, virtual filmmaking, CG modeling and software, etc… So that should be fun!

And if you ever need freelance work done, feel free to e-mail me at

Happy Holidays!
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