Podcast Film Review: Interstellar


With Interstellar releasing next month to own, what better way to kick off posting podcasts I’ve been on than the Oops All Movies episode (with Joe Woody and Neal Lewis) for the new Christopher Nolan space epic? This episode originally released on November 16th, 2014 and featured my song Stereo Sight Seekers for my previous Oculus Rift VR project Powergrid.

Incidentally, I bought that jacket in the above photo that night prior to seeing the movie mainly because it felt very spacey and reminded me a lot of the apparel in Alien, which I was in the middle of playing at the time. Later, I ended up using that in the December Cinecomic Experiment as well.

“I am space man.”

“WTFTL” – Did you think 2001: A Space Odyssey was too confusing? We think you’ll like this, because this harvest, the farmers are going to space. Sex, lies, and space travel.

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