WIPs: VFM02 Environ: Concept 2


Had about two hours available tonight to quickly photobash together a totally different concept for VFM02’s test environment. This is a great test project to get on with learning how to make production environment art in Maya / Mudbox or ZBrush (which I have but am hoping I can stick with Mudbox as the UI seems a lot more logical to me right now), so I wanted to move fast with the concept stage at this point.

As mentioned in the last post, this Virtual Filmmaking 02 test scene is set in an aerostation in the upper atmosphere of Earth instead of the typical space station. So to try something totally different than the last environ concept (which was very dark), I thought I’d open the space up with windows and go bright. Strong colors. Blues, oranges, yellows. I wanted to see the atmosphere and the exterior of the station.

I ended up selecting, morphing, and combining elements from about a dozen or so different references (also giving me ideas for who to reach out to for future collaborations). I’ll let this settle and come back to it– If I’m still happy with it and decide to go with it, then it will be onto the more intricate process of designing out this stuff as the direct original assets.

I like this so much better. It reminds me a lot of how refreshing Mirror’s Edge’s art direction was over the usual drab cyberpunk fair– here bright, airy, and also nicely striking.

Alright, timeboxed and out. Later!

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