Books: Bukiyosaraba ~ Farewell to Weapons by Katsuhiro Otomo


It’s taken two full months since I ordered it to get here from Japan, but it got here: Bukiyosaraba ~ Farewell to Weapons by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). For fans of Otomo, this giant coffee-table sized book is amazing.

Check out a flip-through:


DESCRIPTION: Launched in large format B4 the same size as the original document size cartoon Volume 1 ” movie theater ” SHORT PEACE “and” A Farewell to WEAPONS” . In addition to the original cartoon , which has been out of print , ” A Farewell to WEAPONS” was recorded treasured material Manga [ content scheduled recording ! Book full ” A Farewell to WEAPONS” ( Japan premiere ! Originals version ) and manga Farewell ” weapon it is recorded in the … ” feelings, ” Her short stories and film (a publication and setting data) ” Gallery Film and materials set ” Farewell ” weapon once ◆ talk × Hajime Katoki Katsuhiro Otomo Conte picture / Screenplay ” Farewell ” weapons, mainly comic that is out of print long after the ” Farewell to WEAPONS” , the screenplay , storyboard and set document the movie ” Farewell to WEAPONS” . ◆ and Katsuhiro Otomo ( the original author ) , talk ( film director , screenplay , ” A Farewell to WEAPONS”) of Hajime Katoki . ※ ※ · Movies ( published materials Image Board , and setting ) Full contents are now some change < Delete collecting contents > and film ※ ※ “fire main Town ” gallery “fire main town ” storyboards and English versions gravure take photos · A2 Poster Gonku < contents recorded additional > ↓ ” Farewell to WEAPONS” ” JAPANESE TEXT

I highly recommend this— amazing stuff!

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