VFM02: Holotable WIP

Made some progress tweaking lighting in Unity yesterday and started on modeling and texturing the holotable for VFM02. (By the way, the red geometry is block-in meant to be turned into production assets separate from the now-templated graybox in Maya). The Skybox is also definitely temp, but has the right kind of color palette I’m after.

Current glowmap:

In the scene (still mostly graybox work-in-progress):

Original sketch:

In other news, Clive over at DarkArts has been quick to resolve the issue with Screenshot Creator, where it would crash on Mac in Unity 5. Now it reliably takes screenshots but not with shadows at higher resolutions– perhaps because of a memory issue. Anyway, he’s let me know there’s a lot of updates on the way— I’m really looking forward to them! It captures really nice quality screenshots, when it works. I’m going to get him more details for troubleshooting soon when I have a chance early this week. For now, I simply maximize the Game viewport and grab a 2.5K screenshot from there manually. UPDATE: posted latest issues for troubleshooting Screenshot Creator over at the Unity forums.

UPDATE: The above screenshots were taken after switching the Rendering mode to Deferred and the Color Space to Linear as per recommendations in Unity’s official lighting tutorial. However, the anti-aliasing was awful in Deferred mode. Just awful. So I switched it back to Forward rendering and it’s much better. Switching back to Forward also resolved a scrambling issue with Screenshot Creator, but taking 4K screenshots still drops out realtime shadows… even though the scene will run at 60+ fps.

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